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Think you can make it? We'll see.


[x] With your first entry, post a tiny bit of info about yourself.
[x] You can post as many pictures as your little heart desires. If you are going to post many pictures or pictures that are extremely huge, please put them behind the LJ-CUT! We don't mind a few, just make sure they're a reasonable size so no one gets fussy.
[x] Here comes the fun part. People are tired of looking and judging the same thing, so, you get to pick what you post a picture of. It could be a picture of your hair, eyes, nose, lips, toes, fingers, we don't care. Pick your best quality and show it to us. We'll give you a yes or no upon that.

If you're accepted

[x] You will get a stamp from either, incorrectanswer or alivingdisaster. Then you're able to vote on others or give opinions or whatnot.
[x] Please be nice when voting, we don't want any Bitchy McBitches.

If you're rejected.

[x] Don't be hysterical about it. Just pick something else to post a picture of or just move along with your merry life.